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Why Vajra

Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt. Ltd is committed to offering our customers honest, factual information to help them make their technology and subscription choices. Most IT/networking professionals are familiar with the benefits of various wireline technologies like DSL or Frame Relay, but may not be as familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of satellite connectivity. 

Fiber to the home (FTTH) technology uses optical fiber to transmit information or data. It uses Light instead of electricity for transmission and is therefore 100 times much faster when compared to conventional internet co – axial cables.

A high speed internet connection helps you stream movies, slide shows and browse at ease. Say good bye to buffering with the superior fiber high speed transmission technology and a reliable connection to keep you plugged in.

Key Strengths of Vajra Services

  • Access: Services deliver uptime and throughput similar to ADSL or Frame Relay circuits, for prices competitive with other provider in areas where no reliable or private internet connection are available.
  • Uniform service levels - Unlike DSL (where the speeds/services available are based on infrastructure and distance from your telco Central Office), Vajra offers the ability to deliver the exact same speed/service level to every single one of your locations –mainly rely to the real usage and subscription type.
  • Physically diverse path for backup - Another reason that Vajra services are perfect for backup/failover connectivity is their use of a completely diverse physical path for transmission. Instead of relying on a single phone conduit or Central Office as a point of failure for their primary and backup connections, companies can use Vajra for a critical additional level of redundancy.

Affordable Packages

Our plans are designed to be according to your usage criteria. Select what suits you best and join the high speed internet.

We design package's by giving priority to common people, basic plan at just Rs. 399 only.

A well trained team awaits to serve you for a quick installation guaranteed, which is just a call away.

We are the fastest growing internet service provider in Warangal.

Technical Support

At Vajra Satellite Communications India Pvt. Ltd, we are committed to providing the best customer care support and we provide customers on call support for the technical issues, With our plug-n-play technology, it is easy to a user to troubleshoot the connection problems.

Our cutting edge technology for customer care ensures that we give you optimum speeds with almost non-existent down-time.

FTTH optimizes your internet download experience by ensuring you get the correct speed.

We've expertise to provide better support at all the time.

Best Selling Plans


  • 6 Months
  • 40 Mbps Speed
  • 200 GB


  • 6 Months
  • 5 Mbps Speed
  • 50 GB FUP


  • 6Months
  • 10 Mbps Speed
  • 50 GB FUP


  • 6 Months
  • 20 Mbps Speed
  • 100 GB FUP
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